Taboo Tugjobs Pictures

taboo tugjobs pictures

We are finally announcing the winner of ‘Wunder Woman’s Biggest Fan’ aka WWBF. We flew him out, sat him in front of the sensual Wunder Woman, and asked what he wanted from the hot babe. He wanted to see her topless. Easy enough. But Wunder Woman wants to do more with her greatest fan. She shoves her big muscled breast in his face, pulls out his hard cock, oils it up, and strokes it with her fit grip. This guy is a hand full, but nothing this super woman can’t handle. She loves giving hand jobs, especially to guys that adore and worship her. She wants to give her #1 fan the greatest jerk he’s ever gotten. Her fan loves mushing his face against her large breasts. How big of a fan are you of Wunder Woman? You have to prove it to her.

April 22, 2013

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