Taboo Tugjobs Discount

taboo tugjobs discount

Most girls wait to have sex after a few dates. Amanda isn’t most girls. She at least wants to jerk the guy off on the first date. But the guy she’s dating now is acting like a girl. They’ve went on three dates and he wants to wait. Amanda is committed to giving him one of her professional hand jobs tonight. He comes over and tells her about the great restaurant he wants to take her. She has another idea in mind. She rubs on his crotch. He’s hesitant at first, but the way she tugs on his cock feels way too good. He finally agrees. She grabs her oil and spills some on his stiff cock. She strokes his cock with the strength of four dates. This guy sits back and lets her pull out his load, which is also four dates worth. Maybe waiting does make it feel better. Get special discount to all Taboo Tugjobs movies!

April 22, 2013

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